Terms and conditions - Hotel Fenyő

Terms and conditions - Hotel Fenyő

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Terms and conditions



  1. General Provisions

1.1 HOTEL FENYŐ - managed by SC FENYO SRL, with registered office in Mun. Miercurea Ciuc, Nicolae Bălcescu str., nr. 11, jud. Harghita, with registration number in the Trade Register J19/6/2001, C.U.I. 13638885, email: info@hotelfenyo.ro, web: hotelfenyo.ro, tel. +40 741 234 736, 0266 311 493 - hereinafter hotel service provider concludes hotel service contracts with hotel CLIENTS.


  1. Contracting parties


2.1. The beneficiaries of the services provided by the Hotel Service Provider are the CLIENTS. The Client may place an order for services directly with the Supplier. By accepting the conditions, the Customer becomes a contracting party. The Supplier and the Client become contracting parties if the conditions are met (hereinafter: Parties).


  1. Terms and conditions of use of services


3.1. At the Client's verbal or written request, the Service Provider always sends a written offer. If the offer does not result in a firm order from the Client within 72 hours of being sent, the Service Provider's obligation to keep the offer valid shall cease at the end of this period.


3.2. The Contract shall be concluded only by written confirmation of the reservation made by the Client, sent by the Service Provider, and therefore qualifies as a Contract concluded in writing.


3.3. A reservation, an agreement, an amendment or its verbal confirmation by the Service Provider also has contractual value.


3.4. The contract for the use of the accommodation service is for a fixed period.




3.5. If the client leaves the room definitively before the end of the specified period, the Service Provider shall be entitled to the full consideration for the service under the contract. In this case the Service Provider shall have the possibility to make use of the room vacated before the expiry of the period to other clients.


3.6. Extension of the agreed term of the accommodation service initiated by the Client is possible only with the prior consent of the Service Provider. In this case, the Service Provider may demand payment of the consideration for the service provided within the originally agreed term.


3.7. In order to benefit from the accommodation services Clients are obliged to present their identity in accordance with legal regulations before occupying the room. In the absence of check-in, the Provider's services will not be accessible.


  1. Date of entry and exit from the hotel / check-in, check-out


4.1. The client will benefit from the services of the supplier, i.e. will have the right to be provided with the accommodation from 14.00 on the day set for check-in (day of entry), as booked.


4.2. Unless the Client has given prior notice of a late check-in of the booked facility, if the Client does not check in by 18.00 on the agreed day, the Service Provider shall be entitled to declare the contract terminated for reasons of no-show (no-show in time).


4.3. If the reservation has been made with payment of a deposit, in case of late check in, the room(s) will be reserved until 24:00 on the day of the reservation at the latest.


4.4. Accommodation facilities will be released by 10.00 on the day of check out. The premises open to the public will still be accessible, access to the services and in the premises reserved for the guests staying will be restricted.


4.5. Depending on hotel occupancy, early arrivals and late departures are available at an extra cost. This option must be notified to the service provider in good time, at least one day before arrival/departure.


  1. Extension of reservation


5.1. The prior consent of the Service Provider shall be sought and obtained for the extension of access to the services reserved for the Guest.


5.2. If the Client does not leave the accommodation facility by 10.30 a.m. on the day indicated as the day of departure and the Service Provider has not given its prior consent to the extension of the stay, the Service Provider reserves the right to charge a penalty equal to the room price for one day's stay, with the concomitant termination of the Service Provider's status as Service Provider vis-à-vis the penalised Client.


  1. Prices


6.1. The current list prices of the facilities offered by the Provider are displayed at the hotel reception. Price lists for other services offered are available in the respective departments.


6.2. The Service Provider may change the displayed prices without prior notice (e.g. promotional packages or other discounts). In case of confirmed bookings the Service Provider cannot change this price. The Service Provider's current prices can be found on the hotel's website www.hotelfenyo.ro.

The Service Provider guarantees the best price displayed. The basic condition for validating the guarantee is that the Client has a valid confirmed reservation. The lower price is valid under the same conditions as for the hotel confirmed reservation. These conditions include the following:

- Valid for the same hotel

- Arrival and departure dates in the reservation coincide

- Number of persons and their age are identical

- Type and number of rooms booked are the same

- There is no difference in the quantity and content of other services ordered


The price guarantee does not apply to the following price types:

- Prices available on non-public platforms.

- Prices available on auction sites

- When using loyalty points received from partners


6.3. Information about the supplier's prices is available at the hotel reception and can be accessed prior to check-in.


6.4. In the price offer, the service provider shall state the applicable value added tax (VAT) rate valid at the time of the offer, as regulated by law. The prices displayed include VAT at the rates laid down by law.


  1. Offers, discounts


7.1. Current offers and discounts are displayed on the hotel website. Discounts displayed always refer to individual bookings.


7.2. Discounts displayed are not cumulative with other discounts.


7.3. In the case of reservations of Service Provider products subject to special conditions, in the case of group bookings or events, the terms and conditions shall be laid down in the individual contract.


  1. Discounts for children


8.1. For children staying in the same room with parents, discounts for accommodation and meals apply as follows:

- 0 - 4 years - free of charge

- 4 - 12 years - 50% of the bed price

- over 12 years - additional bed rate will be charged at adult price


8.2. Extra beds are only available in certain room types.


8.3. The need for an extra bed must be agreed with the Service Provider in advance at the time of booking.


  1. Conditions for cancellation


9.1 Unless otherwise specified in the hotel's offer, the conditions for cancellation and modification of the reservation are as follows:

- cancellation less than 24 hours prior to the confirmed date of arrival will result in 100% of one night's accommodation being charged


9.2. If the Client has confirmed the use of the accommodation services by paying a deposit and does not show up on the day of arrival (and does not send any written cancellation), the Service Provider will use the full amount paid in advance as provided in the contract as a penalty. In this case, the room remains reserved for the Contracting Party until 24:00 on the day of arrival, after which the Service Provider's obligation ceases.


9.3. If the Client has not secured the accommodation reservation by prepayment and has not provided a guarantee by bank card or in any other way included in the contract, the Service Provider's obligation shall cease after 18:00 local time on the scheduled day of arrival.


  1. Refusal to perform the contract, termination of the obligation to provide services


10.1. The service provider shall be entitled to terminate the accommodation service contract with immediate effect by refusing to provide the services if:

- The client does not use the room or facility as intended in accordance with the internal rules of use;

- The Client does not leave the room by 10.30 a.m. on the day indicated as the day of departure and the Service Provider has not given prior consent to the extension of the stay.

- The guest behaves in a critical or even unacceptable manner, is rude to hotel staff, endangers order and safety, is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, is threatening, abusive or otherwise behaves in an unacceptable manner;

- The guest is suffering from an infectious disease;

- The Contracting Party fails to fulfil its obligation to pay an advance as provided for in the contract by the specified date;


10.2. If the Contract between the parties is not performed for reasons of "force majeure", the Contract shall terminate.


  1. Terms of payment, guarantees


11.1. The price of the ordered services can be paid at the place of performance of the ordered services in cash (RON, EUR, HUF or USD), by credit card accepted by the Service Provider, by bank transfer, or via the website, or by Romanian holiday tickets accepted by the hotel (Sodexo, Up Romania, Edenred).


11.2. In case of bank transfer - unless otherwise agreed with the Service Provider - the Client is obliged to transfer the value of the ordered services to the hotel's bank account before the arrival date, by crediting the amount to the hotel's bank account by the arrival date or by a confirmation issued by the drawee bank (the Client's bank) about the transfer ordered by the Client.


11.3. Individual room reservations can be guaranteed by entering bank card details or payment in advance.

11.4. By accepting the General Terms and Conditions, the Customer acknowledges and agrees that the Service Provider issues an electronic invoice in the amounts of the tariff price ordered or of any services ordered by the Customer from the Service Provider which will be sent by e-mail, or handed over in paper form upon receipt of the Facility.

When issuing the invoice, the Service Provider will use the data provided during the online booking, and in the case of booking by e-mail or telephone, the Service Provider will use the data provided by the person making the booking.

The data provided (name, address, tax identification code, if required) will be included in the "Buyer" section of the invoice. Within 1 day of booking, the Customer may request a change to the data provided, after which the change is no longer possible.


The Service Provider issues the final invoice based on the data provided at the time of booking.

Although the Client has the option to pay in a currency other than the currency of the booking, the invoice will be issued in the original currency of the booking (and not in the currency of payment).

Only one invoice can be issued per booking. Bookings cannot be split for invoicing purposes. Where separate invoices are required for collective bookings, separate bookings will be made for each item subject to invoicing. Subsequent changes to bookings (such as the purchase of additional services) will be invoiced separately.

After check-out, the Service Provider will send an electronic invoice for each booking made to the e-mail address provided at the time of booking. The e-invoice will be sent from the Service Provider's address to the e-mail address provided at the time of booking.

If you notice any errors with the invoice, in order to rectify the problem the Client or the person/company listed in the Buyer section of the invoice will request this by email or by correspondence sent to the following address:

SC FENYO SRL, 530132 Miercurea Ciuc, Nicolae Bălcescu Street, no. 11

PHONE NUMBER: 0266311493 , 0741234737, e-mail: marketing@hotelfenyo.ro

The supplier will take steps to clarify the notified issues and to remedy - if necessary - the invoice within a proposed period of 15 days from the notification.

The electronic invoice issued by the Service Provider is a PDF file attached to the email sent to the person/company specified in the booking.


  1. Accommodation guarantee


12.1. If the accommodation facility belonging to the Service Provider is unable to provide the services included in the Contract through its own fault (e.g. it is full or due to temporary stoppage of operations, etc.), the Service Provider is obliged to immediately provide accommodation for the Client at the level of the order.


12.2. The Service Provider is obliged to provide / offer the services included in the Contract at the price agreed in the Contract for the period stipulated - or until the end of the period of the interruption - in another accommodation of the same or higher category. The service provider shall bear any additional costs of providing accommodation.


12.3. If the Service Provider fully complies with these obligations or if the Client has accepted the alternative accommodation offered, the Contracting Party may not subsequently claim any payment of damages.


  1. Rights of the Client


13.1. By concluding the Accommodation Service Agreement, the Customer acquires the right to use the allocated accommodation premises as well as the normal use of the ancillary facilities provided to the Customer on a regular basis without special conditions and to be served during working hours.


13.2. The Client may make complaints about the Supplier's services during the stay in the facility. The Service Provider undertakes to handle complaints submitted (or registered by acknowledgement of receipt) in writing with acknowledgement of receipt. The Service Provider handles each complaint individually. The customer can register a complaint in writing directly to the accommodation facility, or to the following address and contact details:

SC FENYO SRL, 530132 Miercurea Ciuc, Nicolae Bălcescu Street, no. 11

PHONE NUMBER: 0266311493 , 0741234737, email: marketing@hotelfenyo.ro


  1. Customer's obligations


14.1. Payment of the agreed tariff: by the deadline specified in the confirmation or at the end of the accommodation contract.


14.2. No food or drinks are allowed in the public areas of the hotel. It is forbidden for hotel Guests to take food/drinks from the hotel's dining establishments.


14.3. Before putting into operation electrical appliances brought by Guests, which are included in the category of usual tourist appliances, the consent of the Service Provider must be requested in advance.


14.4. Hotel guests' vehicles may be parked free of charge in the perimeter of the open, uncovered car park, monitored by surveillance cameras. The Service Provider shall not be liable for any damage to vehicles parked in the car park and items left in them (including but not limited to: breakage of the vehicle and theft of any item from it; theft of the vehicle; damage caused by natural phenomena). General traffic rules apply in the car park.

The hotel is not responsible for valuables left in the rooms and offers an individual safe at reception.


14.5 Removal or moving of furniture or belongings from the room or building is not allowed.


14.6. In accordance with Law 349/2002 on the prevention and control of the effects of tobacco products, smoking is prohibited in the enclosed areas of the hotel (including guest rooms) and in public areas. Signs drawing attention to compliance with this legislation have been placed as required by law.

The Supplier's employees have the right to request compliance with legal restrictions and to stop any illegal behaviour. Both guests and all other persons on the premises of the hotel must comply with the law and any warnings issued by the Supplier's staff.

If the hotel operator is fined by the competent authority for the illegal behaviour of any person on the hotel premises, the operator reserves the right to transfer the amount of the fine to the person who has engaged in the illegal behaviour, i.e. to oblige him to pay the fine imposed on the operator.

In case the Client violates his obligations as stipulated in the above law within the premises allocated, he is obliged to pay a penalty in the amount of EUR 30 to the hotel operator, which the operator will write on the room receipt and pay upon departure.


14.7. In case of fire, the reception service of the accommodation facility shall be notified immediately.


14.8. Guests sharing rooms, facilities, equipment and common use of the hotel are jointly and severally liable for damage caused as a result of misuse/damage.


14.9. The guest shall be responsible for the permanent supervision of children under 14 years of age.


14.10. The client must immediately notify the hotel of any damage suffered and provide the hotel with all the information necessary to clarify the circumstances or to draw up a report or to notify the authorities authorised by law.


14.11 The Client expressly acknowledges that in the common areas of the hotel (with the exception of the cloakrooms, toilets, but including the car park and outdoor areas directly belonging to the hotel), for security reasons, closed-circuit surveillance camera systems are installed, the recordings of which will be erased in accordance with the relevant legal provisions.


  1. Pets are not allowed in the hotel premises.


  1. Rights of the Service Provider


16.1. If the Client fails to pay the fee for the services used or ordered in the contract but not used without a valid waiver, the Supplier shall be entitled to make use of the guarantees associated with the booking and these shall be paid directly from these sources.


16.2. In the interest of guaranteeing the security of the guests and the Supplier's property, the reception service shall ensure permanent surveillance of the complex and shall have the right to check Guests entering and leaving the monitored perimeter in order to verify their identity.


16.3. If necessary, the reception service will manage traffic in the complex area.


  1. Obligations of the Service Provider


17.1 Provide accommodation and other services ordered under the contract in accordance with applicable regulations and standards.


17.2. Examine the written complaint made by the client and take the necessary measures to remedy the problem, recording them in writing.






  1. Illness, death occurring during the stay


18.1. If the client falls ill during the period of stay and is unable to act on his/her own, the Service Provider shall provide and ensure emergency medical assistance.


18.2. In case of illness/death, assistance services will be provided by the Service Provider, who reserves the right to claim payment of these costs from the Client, and in case of death from the Client's heirs or dependants. These costs include - but are not limited to - costs of medical consultation, special transport, specialised assistance, the consideration for services used prior to leaving the facility and possible damage to facilities or equipment caused during the stay, whether or not related to the Client's injury.


  1. Protection of personal data (GDPR) when subscribing to the Newsletter


19.1. To subscribe to the newsletter on the provider's website, it is necessary to provide your name and e-mail address. By subscribing to the Newsletter, the User agrees to the management of his/her data. The service provider manages the data until the person in

concerned requests their deletion.


19.2. The unsubscribe option is offered via a direct link in each newsletter or on the website.


19.3. The user is responsible for the authenticity of the personal data provided.


19.4. The service provider protects the data in particular against unauthorised access, modification, transmission, disclosure, deletion or destruction as well as accidental destruction.


19.5. The service provider together with the server operators shall ensure the security of the data.


19.6. Only employees of the data controller may access the personal data provided by the User. Personal data will not be transferred by the data controller to third parties other than those indicated.

19.7 The Service Provider shall disclose personal data to third parties only with the prior express consent of the individual concerned.


19.8. The User acknowledges that the Service Provider is obliged to release personal data to the requesting authority on the basis of legal authorization, if the legal conditions for doing so are met. The User may not challenge in court the provision of data in accordance with the law by decisions of the authority or the court.


19.9. The service provider shall display details of data management information on site and on its website.

19.10. The general rules on the protection of personal data are set out in the document entitled Privacy Policy, which can be found on the Provider's website or at the Provider's premises.


  1. Liability of the Service Provider for damages


20.1. The Service Provider shall be liable for any damage suffered as a result of loss of, damage to or destruction of guests' property, provided that the property is handed over to an employee of the Service Provider whom it has deemed authorised to take over its property.


20.2. The Service Provider's liability does not cover cases of damage which occurred due to an unavoidable cause outside the scope of activity of the Service Provider's employees and the guests, or was caused by the guest himself.


20.3. The Service Provider may designate places in the area of the complex where guests do not have access. The Service Provider shall not be liable for damage or injury suffered by guests in such places.


20.4. The Service Provider shall not be liable for damage resulting from improper use of facilities or equipment belonging to him.


20.5. The Service Provider shall not be liable for damages if the use of the wellness facilities is restricted or prohibited for the entire period of stay due to maintenance work required to comply with emergency or medical regulations

  1. Privacy


21.1. In fulfilling its obligation under the Contract, the Service Provider is obliged to act in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act.


  1. Force majeure


22.1. Any cause or circumstance (e.g. war, fire, flood, extreme weather events, power failure, strike) beyond the control of one of the parties (force majeure) shall release either party from the performance of its obligations under the Contract until the force majeure has ended.


  1. Place of performance and applicable law, competent court


23.1. The place of performance is the location of the hotel.


23.2. All disputes arising out of the Accommodation Service Agreement or to which the Service Provider is a party shall be settled by the court having general, material and territorial jurisdiction at the Service Provider's place of business.


23.3. The legal relationship between the Service Provider and the Guest is governed by the provisions of Romanian law.


  1. Data of visitors to the website


24.1. The Service Provider does not record the user's IP address or other personal data when the user browses its website. Searching on the website can be carried out free of charge and anonymously. The Service Provider uses anonymous online surfing only for statistical purposes, to optimise its presence in the virtual environment, to increase system security. The data recorded by cookies does not contain personal data of any kind.


24.2. The Service Provider manages all data and facts relating to Users confidentially and uses them exclusively for its own research and statistics.


24.3. The Service Provider assumes no responsibility for previous web pages that have already been deleted, but have been archived using search engines. Their deletion must be carried out by the search engine operator.


  1. Newsletter

25.1. The Service Provider shall exclusively send to registered subscribers information, even several times a month, in the form of online newsletters and direct marketing e-mails (hereinafter: Newsletter) containing news, information and offers.

  1. Data Protection Statement


26.1. In the course of its activities the Service Provider pays particular attention to the protection of personal data. It will always manage the personal data provided to it in accordance with the legislation in force, ensure their security, take technical and organisational measures and establish the necessary procedural rules to comply with the relevant legislation.

In the course of its business the Service Provider uses user data exclusively for the purposes of concluding contracts, billing and for its own advertising purposes in accordance with data protection law.


26.2. The general rules on the protection of personal data are set out in the document entitled Privacy Policy, which can be found on the Provider's website or at the Provider's premises.

SC FENYO SRL, 530132 Miercurea Ciuc, Nicolae Bălcescu Street, no. 11

PHONE NUMBER: 0266311493 , 0741234737, email: marketing@hotelfenyo.ro

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